Art of the Week – 9/14/09

Posted in Art of the Week on September 17, 2009 by todd v


Clue #1 – Once of my favorite places to hang out…

Photo clue #2


Art of the Week prize 9/7/9

Posted in Art of the Week on September 9, 2009 by todd v

Hand painted pop portrait of John Lennon done in acrylic and aerosol – go get it!

Clue #1

Here is where its hiding…

The first official Art of the Week prize (08/31/09)

Posted in Art of the Week on August 31, 2009 by todd v

This piece is hanging in a cool little eatery that serves up some of the tastiest complimentary pickles! Here is a picture of it in is surroundings…


Hello world!

Posted in Art of the Week on August 31, 2009 by todd v

So, I was thinking about how I could have some fun and interact more with all you groovy folks who dig my art and it struck me… Why not play a game? Its the all new Art of the Week game with todd v! Each week (as long as I can get time to play…) I will post a new FREE work of art for you to find! I will leave clues on the website even post a picture of where you can find it. All you have to do, is track down the art, take a picture of yourself holding it, and send it to me at! And the art is yours FREE forever, no strings attached.

I will post the winners here on the blog.

“How do I know I found your work todd?” you may be asking yourself. “Good question” I say back to you! with each piece of art you find, attached will be a little note that says the following:

You have found the todd v art of the week for the week of: (date here)

This is an original work of art created by artist todd v. This piece is yours to keep and enjoy forever! The only thing I ask is this: Please send me a picture of yourself with your new work of art and tell me where you found it. I am keeping an online record of the people who find these one of a kind works of art on my website at Please send your pictures to


If it doesn’t have a note with it like this… its not mine… don’t steal it, and put it back where you found it!

Now, the game is afoot!